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A Surprising Shift to the ‘Burbs May Be on t...

May 13, 2020
While many people across the U.S. have traditionally enjoyed the perks of an urban lifestyle, some who live in more [more]
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Unemployment Report: No Need to Be Terrified

May 12, 2020
Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its latest jobs report. It revealed that the economic sh [more]
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Will Home Values Appreciate or Depreciate in...

May 11, 2020
With the housing market staggered to some degree by the health crisis the country is currently facing, some potenti [more]
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Unemployment: Hope on the Horizon

May 07, 2020
Tomorrow, the unemployment rate for April 2020 will be released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It will hit [more]
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Why Home Equity Is a Bright Spark in the Hou...

May 06, 2020
Given how we have seen more unemployment claims than ever before over the past several weeks, fear is spreading wid [more]
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Confused About the Economic Recovery? Here’s...

May 05, 2020
As we continue to work through the health crisis that plagues this country, more and more conversations are turning [more]
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Why the Housing Market Is a Powerful Economi...

Apr 30, 2020
With businesses starting to slowly open back up again in some parts of the country, it’s important to underst [more]
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Buying a Home Right Now: Easy? No. Smart? Ye...

Apr 29, 2020
Through all the volatility in the economy right now, some have put their search for a home on hold, yet others have [more]
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Rise to the Top of the Pool by Selling Your ...

Apr 28, 2020
With the release of the latest Economic Pulse Flash Survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), results [more]
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What Impact Might COVID-19 Have on Home Valu...

Apr 27, 2020
A big challenge facing the housing industry is determining what impact the current pandemic may have on home values [more]
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